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Sunshine Project International 

SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises has supported the Sunshine Orphanage in Luxor/ Egypt for a number of years. Different activities like charity sport days,New Year Tombola or the regular invitation for a group of children to one of our Resorts that used to take place in the past and will be of course continued in the future.

Sunshine Project International was founded in 1996 by Pearl Smith and Dr. Amr Taha, secretary-general of the Egyptian Doctors Association. Back in 1997 a trust fund was set up in the UK and charitable status registered. The Project started with a small number of children in rented accommodation but once the Egyptian Charitable status was conferred the number of children rocketed. Apart from the abandoned children, Sunshine became a place of respite care too. Today the Project with a team of Egyptian and European staff and two regular volunteers is taking care for approximately 70 children in different ages. In the UK the Project employs 1 member of staff and the administration is carried out by a board of 9 Trustees, professional volunteers and supporters, each offering their skills and voluntary time to the administration, thus keeping the costs to a bare minimum to ensure full benefit of funds are directed to the care and the needs of the children. In February 2007 the orphanage got a new home for the children. With more space for the growing Sunshine Family. For the future a “Sunshine village” is planned. Various houses will accommodate 12 children and the apartments will accommodate 6 persons. Additional to the residential accommodation the site will contain our kindergarten, clinic, reception and club house.

If you like to support the Sunshine project:

In all SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises you will find a donation box. The donation will be given to the Sunshine project to 100%. Please ask the guest relation or the reception for further information. Additional you may donate to SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises children clothes, hygiene articles, like shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste etc. All this articles will be forwarded to the Sunshine Project. Or you can become a “Sunshine Uncle” or “Sunshine Aunt” by sponsoring a child. For more information please visit: