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SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises The hospitality management company in Egypt operating with international quality & environmental standards –

The success startet 2003 with 3 hotels and by now SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises is operating 7 Resorts and 4 Cruises. Soon 2 Resorts and 2 Cruises will start the operation. Additional SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises is since the end of 2007 the hotel management company of Festival Hotels & Resorts and since the end of 2008 of SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts.

In total SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises is managing 11 Hotels & Resorts and 6 Cruises. By the end of 2010 we will have 14 Hotels & Resorts and 9 Cruises this is an increase of 35%.

Since the first day of operation; SUNRISE Resorts & Cruises’ main target is to provide excellent service, quality control on regular basis with very high standards and environmental protection, which ensured our success as one of the leading hotel operation companies in Egypt.

A well balanced international guest mix is guaranteed by a very good business relationship mainly with the company Thomas Cook/Neckermann as well as other international partners.

We take our slogan “Welcome Home” seriously!